User Privacy in Uflow Bladder Diary

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It is nobody's business but yours if you use this testing system. You may WISH to send the data to a professional as part of your health discussion, but it's YOUR choice. If you do send these data then it's still nobody else's business, just between you and this professional.

The simplest way to ensure that nobody can see your medical data is not to store your name or email or anything like that (Personal Identification) in the database. It is better not to collect this information at all. This is the policy we use at Uflow Bladder Diary, there is no place to gather your email or name etc.

We take advantage of the fact that you control your phone, its in your pocket. The only link between the data on the webserver and you is on your phone, a random Identifier computed out of thin air. effectively you can send this randomId to a doctor and tell him your name of phone number so he can discuss and review your data with you, by phone.

The app is completely Anonymous. This presents difficulties in demanding payment, as you might imagine. We aim to collect a small sum from many thousands of users at one particular point in the cycle. When you send your data to the doctor or nurse Telemedicine), a bill apears on your phone, which you can pay or not. You need to identify yourself to the doctor so he knows who you are, perhaps your phone number, or "Big Jake" will work fine. Nobody knows who you are.